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[ VIDEO] A Wendy’s Employee Was The Victim Of The Smack Cam Game

[ VIDEO]  A Wendy's Employee Was The Victim Of The Smack Cam Game


A team of pranksters announced their plot to a YouTube audience in the parking lot of a North Austin Wendy’s Tuesday night.

They call it the “Smack Cam.”

Two kids run into the restaurant, pretend to be ordering, slapped the employee and then took off in their getaway car laughing.

Sixteen-year-old Calaybra Jones is the employee you see in the video.

“Two young kids came in. They pretended like they were going to order. The first kid, he went out and came back. And I couldn’t hear what he was saying so I leaned in and the next thing I know, I got hit,” she said.

Jones has heard of the prank before but it was no laughing matter to her.

“I was embarrassed, I was sad, I was angry, just all types of emotions overcame me,” she said.

Jones says after she told her manager about it, he called the cops and then she called her mom Carlisha.

“She goes ‘Mom, I’ve just been assaulted.’ Kind of panicked a little bit, ‘What do you mean?’ and then she explained to me and she kind of broke down. ‘We’re on our way hon, we’re on our way,'” Carlisha said.

Carlisha says what angers her the most is that it appears to be an adult driving the getaway car.

Like many others, she wonders what the allure is for young people.

“There’s nothing funny about it at all. Nothing funny about it and unfortunately, it’s all about the way you raise your children unfortunately. And you just have to be more hands on with your children so that they know that this is just not right,” she said.

Senior Austin Police officer Veneza Bremner says a report was filed for “Assault by Contact” — it’s what they call it when the victim wasn’t actually injured.

Bremner says the consequences of “Smack Cam” could get a lot worse.

“Who’s to say this victim wouldn’t fight back? You know if they do it again, who’s to say the other person isn’t going to fight back and cause injury or death to them? And it can escalate,” Bremner said.

Calaybra and her mom are hoping those who see this story will help the police find the kids responsible.

“We want names to be revealed. We need help so that these kids know that it’s not right to do that to anyone. And the driver, they should be punished as well…because they’re helping these little kids do something like that,” Calaybra said.

Austin Police say if the kids are caught they could be charged with a Class C Misdemeanor, a fine up to $500.

If you recognize the kids in the video, call APD.


Source:  Myfoxaustin.com



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