Video: Three KKK Members Allegedly Hang A Black Girl While A Confederate Flag Is exposed On The Wall & Videotaped it.

girlbeinghung2 edit

Ear Hustle 411 was sent a disturbing video of a young black girl with a noose around her neck being hung by several white men. You can see them putting the noose on her which she appears bloody and beaten.

The video shows the men’s faces blurred out and them pulling her up as she is choking and drooling. Many are saying the video is fake but we have no confirmation if the video is real or fake what we do know is the video is disturbing.

We are hoping the authorities see this video and act swiftly to confirm whether this is real or not and act accordingly.

Is video real or fake? Chime in and let us know your thoughts?

See Video Below:



*********UPDATED VIDEO BELOW*********





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