Video: Street Vendor Brutally Attacked In Bronx New York & Left In A Coma, Suspects At Large

man attacked new york

A West African Burkinabé Man in Bronx New York had a table up selling books and bags on 3rd Avenue and East 149th street while minding his own business.

Out of nowhere, several guys approached him and used him as a human punching bag in front of a Bank of America building as a crowd looks on and not one person tried to stop them.

The man is first hit by one guy who knocks him to the ground and you can hear his head hit the concrete. Another guy walks up and punches him in the face then a third guy punches him in the head knocking him to the ground and fracturing his skull.

All three guys walk off as if nothing happened.

If anyone has any information on this crime please call the police. Two suspects below have been Identified and the police are looking for three more.

man attacked in new york, suspects


Ear Hustle 411 has limited information but we will keep you updated as we get information.

See video below:



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