Video Shows Mother Overdose On Heroin In Family Dollar Store & 2-Year Old Trying To Wake Her

Video Shows Mother Overdose On Heroin In Family Dollar Store & 2-Year Old Trying To Wake Her

In the toy aisle of a Family Dollar store in Lawrence, MA, strangers witnessed – and recorded – a harrowing, heartbreaking scene: a mother was collapsed on the ground while overdosing on heroin. Her crying 2-year-old is seen tugging on the unconscious woman’s clothing, trying to revive her.

This is but the latest scene emerging from New England depicting the devastating effects of the opioid addiction epidemic that’s sweeping the country, particularly this region of the United States.

The footage, taken by another customer, was released by cops to raise awareness about this epidemic, showing the devastating effect of heroin addiction.

Now, the clip has gone viral, and millions of people have seen it.

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances that can be consumed. According to the Addiction Center, the number of regular heroin users has nearly doubled form 2007 to 2011. Half of these drugs addicts had gotten hooked on prescription pain killers before being introduced to the opiate.

This mother, from New Hampshire, will be charged with child endangerment after miraculously surviving the ordeal thanks to two doses of Narcan. The toddler is currently in protective services.

Following this scene, and another recent one in Ohio captured in photos by an East Liverpool police officer, law enforcement wants to emphasize that addiction is a serious matter that should be treated as a medical condition.

If you or someone you know struggles with addiction, you can find resources and helplines available on theAddiction Center website, or find a rehab center near you on, among other sites.

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