Video: Police Viciously Attack Black Man Sitting On His Own Porch Accusing Him Of Not Living In His Own Home

Video: Police Viciously Attack Black Man Sitting On His Own Porch Accusing Him Of Not Living In His Own Home

Greensboro, NC- Police were called on a young black man by someone who thought he was suspicious in a prominent neighborhood. The man was sitting on his own porch when the cops approached him.  He clearly told the cops this was his mother’s home after they jokingly asked him why he was breaking in his mothers home.  He told them that he lived there for 10-years.

At that point, the police knew it was his mother’s home because that was the first thing they said when they arrived.

The man also told police he knew several of neighbors.  The cops asked for Identification and at first, the young man said he didn’t have any Id on him.  He later discovered he had his wallet and produced his Id with the same address of the porch he was sitting on.

The cops asked him his mother’s name in which he told them his mother’s name.  A female cop chimed in and asked again if he had ID and he replied yes.

The male cop asked his name and he told them his name was Dejuan Yourse, the cop had the audacity to tell him he shouldn’t pronounce his own name that way.

The situation slowly started getting aggressive when the young man stood up and the cop told him to sit down and told the young man he was breathing rapidly.

The cop said you showed us your Id and it matches up, at that point, you would think they would just leave.  Not a chance.  They young man then makes a phone call.  He said, to the person whom he called, ” Hey yo man, come to my mom’s house, the police are here and they are harassing me.

Once he did that, the cop lost it and snatched his phone, He told him get up and put your hands behind your back. They began to struggle and the cop punched him in his eye and accused him of resisting arrest.

According to The Free Thought Project,

Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott told FOX8, “I wouldn’t dare as a chief tell anyone this kinda thing never happens. We have around 900 employees, over 680 sworn police officers on any given day getting dozens of calls and interactions. But what they can be assured of is we take this very serious.”

On Monday, Greensboro City Council voted unanimously, 8 to 0, in favor of the permanent suspension of Cole’s law enforcement certification — cementing not only his resignation from the Greensboro force, but from any police work in any department. Mayor Nancy Vaughn apologized to Yourse, who attended the heated meeting, calling the incident “ugly.”

Many in attendance felt Cole — and the female officer — should be criminally charged. Yourse did not sustain serious injuries, despite the blow to his eye.

However, that permanent suspension might have, indeed, saved a life — Cole’s attack on Dejuan Yourse wasn’t his first time harassing and accosting innocent people.

See the rest of the video below:

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