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[ Video] Police Beat African- American Girl In Classroom Slamming Her To The Ground

Police Officer Beats African- American Female Student In Classroom Slaming Her To Ground! [ VIDEO]

A South Carolina sheriff’s deputy attacked a high school student as classmates watched in horror, shocking footage revealed.

A video recorded by a student at the Spring Valley High School in Columbia showed a school resource officer asking a student to get out of her seat. He stands over her desk and tells the student, “either you’re coming with me or I’ll make you.” Without giving her time to get up, he grabs her and flips her over, slamming her onto the ground.

The school’s resource officer then drags her out of her chair and tossed her across the room, as students watched speechlessly. The deputy then pins her down on her stomach as he puts her hands behind her back. He tells another student, “I’ll put you in jail next.”

Students at the school identified Ben Fields as the officer behind the classroom throwdown. They’ve also noted that the officer has had a history of roughing up students.

Fields is listed on the Richland County sheriff’s department’s website as a senior deputy assigned to Spring Valley High School. On his now-deleted Twitter page, he described himself as football coach for the school’s defensive line, and a strength coach.

The Richland County sheriff’s department said it’s aware of the situation and currently investigating the attack. A lieutenant told the Daily News it was looking into the video before suspending or reprimanding the officer.


Email: sheriff@rcsd.net & call (803) 576-3000 to voice your anger at the brutality of Officer Ben Fields against this female student.

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