[Video] Old Video Emerges Of Alleged Air Jordan Rush In A Mall Which Looks Like The Running of The Bulls In Spain

[Video] Old Video Emerges & Alleged Air Jordan Rush In A Mall Looks Like Running of The Bulls In Spain

At first glance you think you are watching the Running of the Bulls in Spain, then your next thought is are you watching a war in a third world country or did ISIS just drop a bomb?  No it’s the new release of the New Jordans.  All over the nation their were outrageously long lines with lines wrapped around buildings.

You ask yourself, what is so great about these shoes? Do these shoes have magical powers? Why do people kill each other over a pair of shoes?  Do these avid shoe buyers have any stock in Nike? These are questions many ponder.

There have been tons of negative and brazen comments about these young people trying to get purchase the new J’s which cost upwards of $250.00 a pair or higher depending on where you make your purchase.  Their were comments such as, Do they run to get education? Did they pay their bills? Do they have food in the house etc.

On February 27, 2016 the latest Air Jordan 12, The Master was released and the nations young people and shoe collectors went wild.

Why is it people can wait in long lines for the latest video games, concert tickets, Iphones, Black Friday sales yet young African-Americans are ridiculed for buying something they enjoy?  In the 80’s people spent thousands on Cabbage Patch dolls which rarely hear about today.

Maybe instead of judging these young people, we should teach them to invest in Nike and purchase some stock and teach them the value of a dollar.

Check out the video below:





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