[Video] K. Michelle Sounds Off About Bloggers & Their Agendas (Graphic Language)

EarHustle411 came across this video clip on Facebook so Earhustle411 located the entire clip on YouTube of what appears to be the premiere party of the LHHATL Season 2 with Hot 97  K. Michelle sounds off at a representative from a very popular blog.

Take a look at it EarHustle411 readers and tell us what you think about what she said:

Disclaimer: Strong Foul Language



The video is obviously a little over a year old but it is a very interesting discussion.  People that agree to put their lives on display for “Reality TV” are subject to massive criticism.  When the media reports about people that participated in shows such as Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, R&B Divas and so many more.  However, when they receive some negative press, is it fair for turn around and attack the media?   So “You Be The Judge”  do you agree with K. Michelle or is she and others who agree with her being overly sensitive?

Source: YouTube, Facebook

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