Video: H & M Store Trashed in South Africa After The Racist Ad Featuring A Black Child Followed Up By Trump Comments On Sh!thole Countries

Earlier this week, an H & M Ad featuring a dark skin African American boy with a hoodie that said,” Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” caused a stir with social media going in a frenzy calling foul.

Many said the ad was racist because blacks were commonly called Monkies as a part of racial insults. The call for boycott hit the internet even though the child’s mother didn’t seem to be bothered.

Before the heat on that disaster could cool down, Donald Trump comes with an upper cut to ad fuel to the fire by saying that Haiti and Africa were Sh!thole countries which was the ultimate disrespect and insult.

After the news hit Africa, some of their young people snapped.

See the video below:

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