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[Video] Grandmother Pulls Knife Out On Disrespectful Grandson, He Shut Up Real Quick!

[Video] Grandmother Pulls Knife On Disrespectful Grandson, He Shut Up Real Quick!

An elderly woman is a passenger in a car and seated behind her is her grandson who thinks talking to his grandmother with no respect was o.k.  He continued to laugh and mock her after being told to shut his mouth.

The Grandmother reaches in her purse pull out a switch blade and pointed it at they young man in the back seat.  His eyes got wide as he came to the conclusion that Granny is not playing.  She told him to shut the F%$k up before she sticks the knife up his A$$ then told him he can tell his momma but make sure you tell her why she did it.

The kid of course is afraid and becomes mute with nothing further to say after Granny showed him who was boss.

Did Granny go to far or did the kid deserve a little fear?  Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know your thoughts?


Check out the video below:



Video Source:  WorldStar Hip Hop

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