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Video From 2011 Of Unruly Students Raises Questions About The CPS Student Code Of Conduct Policy

EarHustle411 would like to maintain the thought that most children when they are out of the sight of their parents they are on their best behavior. While to think such a thing may be a bit naive however EarHustle411 and majority of the writing staff are parents.  We can only wonder what the parents of the children in the following video think about this.  This type of behavior is just one of several reasons why many of our teachers are “tired” and  are just collecting a check.  Don’t get your “undies” all in a bunch, IN NO WAY are we saying that all teachers feel this way but let’s call a spade a spade.  Teachers are not nearly respected enough today as they were some 20 years ago and not all of our young people today are acting like rogues but this behavior hinders the children who actually want to learn from getting their education.

The rules of engagement have changes drastically in the classroom, teachers are only given so much leeway with the students.  EarHustle411 took a look at the Chicago Public Schools Policy Handbook specifically the Student Code of Conduct section.  From what we can see it has been updated as of September 2015.  Take a look at some screenshots of the handbook and judge on your own if this “policy” is sufficient or just a bunch of words on paper.

student handbook

student handbook

Looking at the video and the student handbook something isn’t right in the Emerald City.  Supposedly the teacher was a substitute and we all know what happens when the cat’s away the mice will play, however the behavior displayed in the video is neither funny nor is it just children’s mischief.  The days of young people fearing authority is all but nonexistent.  So when will we get back to allowing our teachers to teach the children instead of being glorified “sitters” during work hours and hold children and their parents responsible for their behaviors during school hours.

The role of the teacher is to teach and help the student expand their minds and help them grow, it’s the parents role to enforce irregular behaviors and do so in a manner then when their children are out of the sight of the parent they are displaying behaviors suitable when in public.  How many parents would accept this kind of behavior and when is enough going to be enough?

Check out the CPS Student Code of Conduct Handbook online and YOU BE THE JUDGE!!

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