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(Video) Father and Daughter Perform Original Rap Song: “Kickin’ It With My Daddy”

When fathers are getting a bad “rap” (no pun intended) here is a father who is “rappin’ it up” with his little princess!! It’s A Family Thang…his son was the cameraman!!

Check it out as reported by Dallas Black:

father daughter rap duo

“My name is Kayliyah and I’m my daddy’s oldest. He always says he loves me…”

Oh my goodness! If this isn’t the cutest thing on the Internet.

A man named Ricky Weems, Jr. posted this adorable video of he and his 10-year-old daughter Kayliyah performing an original rap song they wrote called, “Kickin’ It With My Daddy,” and it will put a smile on your face. The whole production seemed to have been a family affair, too, because Ricky’s 6-year-old son was behind the camera!

In the video, the dad beatboxes and takes on the role of the hilarious hypeman, while his talented 10-year-old kicks a verse about all the things her father does for her while also rhyming about her good grades and academic achievements.

father - daughter rap duo

Here’s a few of the age appropriate lyrics.


Hi my name Kayliyah, I’m my daddy’s oldest
He always say he love me, and my daddy show it
Do big things for his pretty little girl
On my eighth birthday he took me to down to Disney World
Finished third grade now I’m going to the fourth
I get good grades on my papers and reports
Got a lot of awards for jobs well done
Two times in a row I made student of the month


A little rapper in the making?

Source: Dallas Black


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