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Video Emerges Of 12-Year Old Girl Being Slammed By SAISD Police Officer

Video Emerges Of 12-Year Old Girl Being Slammed By SAISD Police Officer

San Antonio, TX — A video was uploaded to YouTube this week allegedly showing a San Antonio Independent School District police officer body slam a 12-year-old girl.

According to Ghost-0.com, the girl’s mother, Gloria Valdez, says the officer told her that her daughter “tried” to kick him and that he thought she was gonna start a fight with another student. However, the young, female student was just having a peaceful conversation with a fellow peer before the officer attacked her.

Even if this young girl had actually tried to attack this cop, his violent response was entirely uncalled for.

Valdez says her daughter is now suffering from severe headaches, and after watching the video it is apparently very clear as to why that is. The officer in the video is Joshua Kehm, according to ghost-0, and when he attempted to stop the alleged quarrel he picked up the small girl and body slammed her face-first into the concrete.

After he slammed her down, the young girl appeared to be knocked unconscious for a moment as Kehm placed her limp arms in handcuffs.

The girl’s mother now fears that the SAISD officer might attack her daughter, or another student, again as he had not been disciplined for this incident.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Joshua Kehm has been with the San Antonio Independent School District since February of 2015.

The Free Thought Project contacted the SAISD police department to ask them if they were aware of the video. They told us they were aware of the video but could not comment further. Their spokesperson said, “I am sure it will be on the news soon.” They were right.

Source: Revolution-News

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