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Video: Baby Sister Surprises Big Brother With A Pet Hamster; Watch Him Burst Into Happy Tears


Not to often do you find sisters and brothers as loving as these two. Sibling rivalry is so common when kids are somewhat close in age. A young man named Daniel was doing extra chores around the house so that he can earn enough money to buy a pet hamster that he wanted so badly,

Little did he know baby sister Abby had a surprise trick up her sleeve. It all started when baby sis got a hamster and her big brother Daniel was awe-stricken with the hamster and wanted one as well.

Abby got $55.00 for her birthday and decided she was going to share her birthday blessing with brother Daniel, She decided to purchase a hamster for her brother and surprised him with it as a gift, Watch the video below and we can guarantee you will need a box of tissue.

Way to go Abby, you are super-duper awesome!!!! You have been Ear Hustle 411 approved!


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Source: Fox13News

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