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[Video] A Child’s Interaction With 6 Male Pit Bulls Is Adorable And Eye Opening


When I first saw this video, I thought this four-year-old girl’s parents were putting her in an extremely dangerous situation until I realized what was about to happen.

As this four-year-old girl is surrounded by six pit bulls, I thought something horrible would happen to her especially because she is holding their bowl of food.

As six pit bull dogs stare down this young girl carrying their dinner, I am shocked at how well behaved they are. When the little girl accidentally spills the food all over the floor, they are still well behaved. The six male dogs simply sit back and wait patiently for the young girl to feed them.

In the video you can hear the girl’s mom say, “people say it could never be done.” She likely says this because of the reputation pit bulls have for being very violent and angry dogs as they were originally bred as a fighting dog. They are known for being extremely aggressive and for attacking other animals and people, especially young children who do not realize the strength that pit bulls have.

This video is the perfect example of how the right training can have a huge effect on a dog’s disposition no matter the breed. It’s also an example of the fact that pit bulls are not always aggressive animals as they are so strongly stereotyped to be. These six male dogs are extremely patient, loving, and well behaved.

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Are you a fan of pit bull dogs? Have you ever had a bad experience with one? Tell us your story in the comments below.

Source: American Overlook

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