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VH1 Stars K. Michelle And Soulja Boy Have A Serious Twitter Beef

VH1 Stars K. Michelle And Soulja Boy Have A Serious Twitter Beef


In aninterview with CNikky this month, rapper and new reality star Soulja Boy got himself into some trouble when asked which women from the Love and Hip Hop franchises that he would date if given the chance. He brought up K. Michelle’s name and this is how the conversation went:


Soulja Boy: “S**t…I ain’t trying to get in trouble. I’m in a relationship like a muthaf**ka. I’d smash K. Michelle! [laughs]”
CNikky: “Oh, did you smash K. Michelle? You did didn’t you!? That’s why you’re laughing!”
Soulja Boy: “What!? Hold on, hold on, hold on now! You mixing my words up! Hold on! Check it out, hold on! Naw, naw that’s crazy…ya’ll trippin’. Naw. She gone get your boy in trouble. I’d date K. Michelle and that’s it. I’m not gonna say nothing else.”


Though the “Crank That” rapper didn’t say he slept with the singer, his statements weren’t welcomed by K. Michelle, who put him on blast in a Breakfast Club interviewlast week and went on to question his sexuality.


“I watched an interview and Soulja Boy was on this interview, and they were asking all the men of “Love & Hip Hop LA” who would they bang and they said me- OK, great. But Soulja Boy implies that he slept with me [by giggling].
Let me tell you something Soulja Boy. Because I know you’re going to hear this. What you not going to do is lie on my hot pocket. When I do something, I say that I did it. So that giggling- we don’t want to giggle about that transgender in Atlanta. Giggle, giggle! So crank that!
He’s giggling like he did. He was implying. When you watch the video, he was trying to make people think [we had sex]. You don’t play when it comes to me and my hot pocket. I’ve never seen you or met you in my life.”


Well, Soulja Boy heard what the singer had to say and got disrespectful on Twitter last night:

Soulja Soulja 2
Soulja 3 Soulja 4

But K. Michelle had some words of her own for the rapper:

K 1 K 2 K 3 K 4 K 5 K 6
I will say that it’s ironic that he had so much to say the night his show came on, but I wonder…from Soulja’s comments in the initial interview, did you take away from it that he was trying to imply that he slept with K. Michelle? Check out his chat with CNikkybelow. The statements were made around the 11:30 mark.






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