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EarHustle411 posted some months ago about a 19-year old-young lady named LaVena Lynn Johnson who had been raped, and subsequently killed while serving her “country” in Iraq.  Here we are in 2015, in July this young lady would have been murdered 10 years and there’s been no “real” movement on this situation.  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see that this young lady could NOT have committed suicide.  With the injuries she sustained it would have been highly impossible for her to have had the strength to do anything.

The above video created by Stanlee Ohikhuare featuring Zainab Balogun is an eerie and bone chilling visual account of what happened to Private First Class LeVena Lynn Johnson.  However is does drive the message that something is not right with this case.  How does Missouri’s first female to go to Iraq lose her life to a non combative encounter??

It’s no secret that women being in the armed forces especially being on the front lines is not something that was welcomed with opened arms.  Women and men have been getting assaulted in the military for many years and it is something that has been “addressed” but it has not been eradicated.  When the superior officers are not doing what’s right as it related to sexual assaults on the members regardless of which branch, this unfortunate trend is going to continue.  The family of Private First Class LeVena Lynn Johnson as well as others who’s loved ones suffered attacks at the hands of some truly sick “peers”, they deserve the truth.  In the civilian world dealing with sexual assault is difficult, one can only imagine how it is in the military.

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EarHustle411 will keep posting about PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson as often as it takes to keep her story on the minds of people in hopes they finally get some definitive answers, the truth and an apology but most important JUSTICE for the mess the United States Army has put them through.  What happened to PFC Johnson should never be allowed to happen to another woman who makes the conscious decision to “serve” this country only to have them betray her and portray her like she was a mental case.

Watch and share “The Silent Truth” keep PFC Johnson’s case alive!!


Source: YouTube,  Stanlee Ohikhuare

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