V. Stiviano Mistress of Former LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Loses Lawsuit Against Her Has To Pay Shelly Sterling $2.6 Million For “Gifts” She Received…DANG!!!

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Shelly Sterling, the estranged wife of disgraced, former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is owed $2.6 million by V. Stiviano, her husband’s alleged mistress, a judge ruled Tuesday, the Associated Press reports.

According to the news wire, Judge Richard Fruin Jr. decided that Shelly Sterling is due money and gifts given to Stiviano that he ruled community property as part of the Sterlings’ marriage.

The gifts, the Los Angeles Times notes, included $800,000 in luxury cars, a $1.8 million home and other cash gifts, which are to be turned over to the Sterling Family Trust.

Stiviano tried to argue that the gifts were made when the Sterlings were separated, but the judge disregarded the claim.

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“Their marriage had difficulties,” Fruin wrote, according to the Times. “However, the parties continued to live together, to travel together, to hold parties together and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together.”

“Shelly is thrilled with the decision,” her attorney Pierce O’Donnell said, according to AP. “This is certainly a victory for the Sterling family, whose funds were dissipated by Donald to lavish millions of dollars of gifts on a conniving mistress.”

Mac Nehoray, Stiviano’s attorney, said that he and his client plan to appeal the ruling, which is currently tentative, as the judge gave both parties 15 days to file objections or ask for changes before the order is finalized, the Times notes.

Source: The Root

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