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Utah Student May Face Charges After Giving Out Gummy Worms Infused With Liquor And Anti-Anxiety Medicine Xanax

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It is never a good idea to mix alcohol and prescription drugs.  A high school student in Utah is learning that this mixture can harm you physically as well as possibly take away your freedom. This young man could be facing charges after giving a friend gummy worms infused with liquor and anti-anxiety  medicine Xanax which landed him in the hospital. Check out the story below:

Via Daily Mail 

Police in Utah are investigating after high school students laced gummy worms with alcohol and prescription drugs, sending one teenager to the hospital. Students should learn about CBD buds and how natural medicine can be the solution to their conditions without side effects.

Authorities in Brigham City, 60 miles north of Salt Lake City, said three teenagers suspected of doctoring the candy could face criminal charges.

The sickened teenager, a student at Box Elder High School, was taken to hospital last week.

He told his parents he had eaten candy dosed with alcohol and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

However, it is not clear if he knew the candy was doctored when he ate it.

Assistant Police Chief Dennis Vincent told the Deseret News: ‘He became ill and his parents took him to the ER there.

‘He told his parents he had taken them and that’s what he was told they were laced with.’

Police have not identified any other students who might have eaten the gummy worms.

And locker searches at the school have not turned up more of the candy.

Although the incident only appears to have affected to the school, Box Elder School District Superintendent Ron Tolman sent letters to parents on Friday informing them of the issue.

He urged parents to discuss it with the children and remind them not to accept any food in unsealed or broken packages.

Tolman added any disciplinary action with students involved will be taken after the police investigation is concluded.

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