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Upscale Chicago Restaurant Nouveau Tavern Vandalize With Racial Slurs; “Go Home Ni**er”

racist spray paint

An upscale Bar and Restaurant in the exclusive River North Area which is owned by Teddy Gilmore a popular black marketing and promotions expert was defaced with racial slurs.  Ni**er Go Home!!!! The club sits in an area which is predominantly white. 

 Gilmore has the only black owned restaurant in the area located at 358 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL.  Cajun-Creole cuisine is what is served at the restaurant which includes an area with TV’s for sports events; during the weekend the restaurant transforms to a club.

 Back in April the restaurant and bar was in the news over claims that they were shut down because they it was owned by African -Americans. This statement that Nouveau Tavern released about that incident

“WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! At some point we have to be judged on the quality of our food and not the color of our skin! On the evening of April 11, Nouveau Tavern was arbitrarily and unreasonably shut down by the Chicago Police Department due to an apparent misunderstanding about the details related to various license renewals.

  “A simple form was completed Monday morning…and Nouveau Tavern was re-opened. It is our firm belief that Nouveau Tavern is being targeted for racial reasons. The tactics used were harsh and unnecessary. No other business would have been treated this way. “African Americans aren’t welcomed in River North….Chicago is one of the most racially divided cities in America. Everyone that lives in Chicago…. knows its two Chicagos!

 We have a right to be in River North! We’ve built a world-class establishment. We have great cuisine with great service. “Race shouldn’t be an issue, but unfortunately in Chicago, it is. Please understand that this is bigger than just a license. This is genocide….the extermination of an African American Business in River North. Nouveau Tavern will rise to challenge and continue to strive for excellence in Chicago. The proper and correct processes have been followed for all the City of Chicago licenses.”

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