UPDATE: Tom Joyner’s Alleged Forced Retirement Is Denied By Reach Media

Tom Joyner is probably one of the most loved radio personalities to ever grace the studio mic.  EarHustle411 posted a story which was obtained from The Daily Mail about longtime on-air personality Tom Joyner allegedly being forced to retire due to changes in the ranks surrounding his syndicated radio show.

Radio One who now holds majority ownership of Reach Media, has denied that Tom’s show will end.  It would certainly be a shame to end this radio syndication because Tom isn’t just a radio personality, he is an advocate for all things positive; peace, equality, fairness under the law, quality higher education and a host of other things.

Joyner has and will continue to be the one that the African-American community will seek to get the word out about any and all things pertaining the black community.

We will keep an ear to the streets for more updates in this story as it continues to unfold.

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There is a scathing story posted in the Daily Mail which is a UK news source, stating that Tom Joyner is being booted out of the radio industry at the same time as President Obama leaving the white house causing an early retirement for Tom. The story states that Radio One, the now majority owner of Reach Media wants to replace Tom with younger talent. We talked to Reach Media and they deny the story is true and they state the reporter Ryan Perry, the west coast correspondent, never contacted them or returned calls for any of the information posted.

After reading the story myself I can verify that Mr. Perry certainly has keen sources within the industry as well as either Reach Media or Radio One. I don’t agree that all of the information is accurate.  What I know is the show is scheduled to go through 2017 when Tom’s contract ends and a renewal is in order instead of 2016 which the story states. In addition, I have never heard Russ Parr would replace Tom IF he left his show.  That’s all I can say for now.

Source: Radio Facts

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