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Update: New Information About The Girl Abused In Class By Cop; She Was Mentally Ill & Was Not Disruptive as Previously Reported

Update: New Information About The Girl Abused In Class By Cop; She Was Mentally Ill & Was Not Disruptive as Previously Reported

The young lady brutally assaulted by police in her classroom has a name.  Her name is  Dejarria Becton who Ear Hustle 411 just learned was on medication for mental Illness and was not disruptive and rude as previously reported.

See what Filming cops reported below:

The child’s foster family reached out to Dave Champion and confirmed something that the mainstream media isn’t telling you. Namely, that the child suffers from two mental illnesses and was on medication that made her a very quiet person. Dave remarks on what the family told him with respect to her mental illness.

Lest people imagine her condition makes her violent or disruptive, in fact it’s just the opposite. The family tells me that by natural temperament she is a very quiet girl and her meds make her even more so. In fact, they tell me that even around family it takes effort to get her to engage in even a small bit of conversation.

This dovetails with the factual account of what happened in the classroom. While defenders of her being violently attacked claim she was “disruptive” in the classroom, that’s not accurate. The teacher’s initial issue was that the girl was not participating in the class. That description appears to be based on the girl looking at her phone, which is againstschool policy. That makes perfect sense for a quiet introspective teenage girl with mental health issues and who is taking meds that, according to her family, make her even more quiet.

Check out the full breakdown of Dave’s discussion about the new facts.

Continue reading the article below to see the two videos from different angles.

Monday, October 26, 2015

RICHLAND — A viral video shows a cop violently attacking a young girl in her chair.

The video shows the girl sitting down and doing nothing aggressive. Suddenly the cop throws her like a wet dish rag out of the chair and onto the ground.

The throw was so forceful that the chair itself tipped over as well.

It appears that the cop then used even more force as the girl was on the ground toward the end of the video.

We are awaiting details about who the officer is and whether he’ll be punished.

Preliminary reports indicate that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department is tasked with providing officers to the schoolwhere the violence took place.

Sheriff Leon Lott claimed that a “disruptive student refused to leave” after a teacher told her to. [Editorial note: it has since come to light that the child is a victim of mental illness and was on medication that made her more quiet and introverted. The result was that she was not participating in class and stared down at her phone by herself; this was apparently labeled “disruptive” by school personnel. It is evident that we are dealing with a child who just needed someone to be there for her and give her assurance, instead of letting a cop who is suspected of abusing drugs attack her.]

Eventually, an officer was called to the room.

The student, however, does not appear disruptive at all. And even if she were, it does not warrant a physical assault by a police officer three times her size.

The video is sending shockwaves through social media. Citizens from around the country are now flooding the Sheriff’s Department with calls to punish the officer in question.

The Sheriff’s department released the usual evasive police-lingo we have all seen before, assuring us of an “investigation”:

“We are aware of an incident that occurred today at Spring Valley High School. Video of it has been posted on social media. The incident is under investigation. We are working closely with the sheriff’s department.”


Source:  Filmingcops

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