UPDATE: Davenport, IA Police Department Releases Dashcam Footage Of The Alleged Traffic Stop Altercation

On March 3rd the Davenport, IA released the 20 minute dashcam footage of the traffic stop in which Untril Overstreet claimed he was allegedly beaten up by the officers who conducted the traffic stop.   In the footage, it is clearly visible where the officers approached the car and advised the driver she was pulled over because she “blew” a stop sign on 6th St.  On the right side of the vehicle another officer is obviously checking out the passenger, he supposedly sees marijuana in the car then speaks to the other officer on the scene.  He then can be heard requesting Overstreet to exit the vehicle and then he can be seen making a run for it, where at that point he is tased by one of the officers.

Photo Credit: Davenport IA police ddepartment

Photo Credit: Davenport IA police department

The officers can be heard informing suspect to stop resisting as well as Overstreet while can be heard trying to talk however it was not quite clear as to what he was actually saying.  The fact that the Davenport,IA Police Department released this footage as well as a written statement long before their investigation was complete does show they were not trying to hide anything and they are adamant they did nothing wrong.  The alleged victim has been charged with drug possession and delivery, drug tax stamp, assault on persons and interference with official acts.  Overstreet was not in police custody as of the afternoon of March 3rd.  It was reported he was not immediately charged with anything because he was an admitted into the hospital.

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