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UPDATE: Bow Wow’s Fraternal Grandmother Says “He’s Been Black Since He Was Born”

It surely didn’t take long for someone from Bow Wow’s lineage to speak out about his claims of being mixed.  So who better to discuss whether Shad Moss’s claims are valid then his own grandmother.  However, in genetic conversations from yesteryear, it was said that if the father of has 1% of black blood in their DNA they will be considered to be black.  Last we heard, the mathematics of the rules has not changed.

In looking at a photo of Bow Wow’s biological father that he himself posted on Instagram, the eyes don’t lie and neither does Grandma!!

Moss’ grandmother made it quite clear that his father is a black man.  Welp…Bow Wow may want to rethink his rant!  She made some very valid points in an interview like this one,

What if I told you light skin and dark skin kids can come from the same parents. Just because you are lighter than the next man doesn’t mean the world will treat you better. Last news I heard about the rapper Bow Wow he was engaged to a model living in his mom’s basement. You know what they say about a rich kid that go broke? They become bitter.

Well he had better just get over it.  Being black isn’t a bad thing and his comments about it not only makes him look ridiculous and ashamed to be black.

Either way Bow Wow is getting an earful and social media never forgets.

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