On the heels of a recent report that found that pedophiles love abortion clinics, we learn of a man who made use of abortion clinic’s disrespect for the law while raping his stepdaughter over and over again for years.

40 year-old Joseph Coles began sexually abusing and raping his stepdaughter when she was just 10 years-old. After over 2 years of repeated abuse, his stepdaughter became pregnant and the disgusting pervert, Coles, had the girl’s mother take her in for her first abortion. The 12 year-old girl’s mother her took her to the Cleveland Surgi-Center Abortion Clinic where the abortion went wrong and the little girl almost died from internal hemorrhaging.

joseph coles

So did the Cleveland Surgi-Center call the authorities to tell them that a 12 year-old girl just had an abortion? Nope. And because the authorities weren’t alerted, the monstrous Joseph Coles continued to beat, rape and torture the little girl.

All because the abortion clinic couldn’t be bothered to follow the law and report the abortion.

After the first abortion, Coles talked the girl’s mother into putting her on birth control, but when she was 13 the little girl became pregnant again … and this time Coles himself took her to an abortion clinic. However, the girl refused the abortion and Coles was forced to take her to another clinic where the abortion proceeded as planned.

Three abortion clinics have an underage patient walk in and three separate abortion clinics all break the law and fail to report the underage abortion seeker.

And so the abuse continued… until the day that the little girl forced her mother to face the truth. Which was when Coles blamed the affair on the little girl… (from the court report)

After the family moved to Iowa, the abuse continued. In June 2005, S.D. finally told her mother about Coles’ “raping” her and that the pregnancies were the result of his abuse. S.D. moved back to Cleveland to live with relatives and Dawn reported the abuse to Iowa police. Dawn testified that Coles called her shortly after S.D. returned to Ohio and admitted that he and S.D. were “lovers.” Dawn further testified that Coles stated during the same conversation that it was he who wanted to break off his relationship with S.D. now that he was married to Dawn.

Coles was finally arrested, after more than three years of continual abuse of his innocent victim. Three years of terror. Three years of torture. Coles was tried and convicted for his crimes, then sentenced to 210 years in prison for dozens of separate crimes. The little girl’s mother was also imprisoned for her part in the crimes (which may simply have been turning a blind eye to what was happening).

However, no abortion provider was found criminally negligent or liable for what happened to the little girl. Which begs the question… WHY NOT?
The little girl went to three different clinics and all three were legally responsible to report the fact that this little girl was pregnant and seeking an abortion. They didn’t need proof of abuse, They didn’t need to find out how things happened… all they needed to know was that she was underage and pregnant. But they did nothing and her torture continued.

It is a miscarriage of justice that these three abortion providers were not also held criminally liable for the pain this little girl suffered. She should be able to sue them for MILLIONS in damages due to the pain she suffered because they did not act. But our justice system should also demand that these clinics abide by the law! Otherwise we will continue to hear more heart breaking stories of child abuse that went unpunished because abortion clinics decided that they were above our laws.

Source: Eagle Rising