UN Is Reporting Libyan’s Are Kidnapping West African Migrants & Selling Them As Slaves For $200 Per Person

UN Is Reporting Libyan's Are Kidnapping West African Migrants & Selling Them As Slaves For $200 Per Person

(Photo Credit: International Organisation for Migration)

The World is up in arms about Bashar al-Assad allegedly killing his people with nerve gas in Syria and major concerned about the enormous 300 million dollar bomb Trump allowed to be dropped in Afghanistan.

Yet we have modern-day slavery going on in West Africa and not a peep from the American people or anyone around the world.

Why is it when the people being abused are black, the world sits silently? Why shouldn’t West Africans Live’s Matter like anyone else’s?

While this is taking place, the world is silenced by a man being dragged off United Airlines. As troublesome as that incident was, fortunately, the man will be handsomely compensated and will live to see another day.

The UN is now reporting that West African migrants are being openly bought and sold in Libya. The north African nation is a major exit point for migrants and refugees from Africa trying to reach Europe by sea.

It’s also being reported that armed groups are using these Africans for Forced Labor to generate income and they are being sold against their will. If they fight back they are either beaten or killed.

Libyan government claims they are trying to stop this but it proves to be difficult.

This atrocity has got to stop, Why is the world O.K with this???

Listen to video below:

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