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UC Berkeley College Professor Claims Homosexuality May Stem from Pesticides


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From one of the top Universities in the United States and far outside of the tv world, endocrine disruptors have for a long time been claimed to cause sexuality disfunction in fish. After receiving death threats to the level of getting lynched, Tyrone Haynes blows a whistle of his scientific findings.

Like something out of a movie, this story is a lil different and kinda mind blowing for its main stream platform and substantial credibility as coming from a University Professor. First breaking in the New Yorker magazine, UC Berkley professor Tyrone Haynes after working for Syngenta for 15 years a large agriculture company and manufacturer of Atrazine, a pesticide that Professor Tyrone has discovered causes homosexuality in frogs and claims the same is probable in humans. Since it is sprayed on Christmas Tree Farms and 50% of corn, which is the last time we checked in a good bit of the food consumed in the US. Atrazine is one of many chemicals now claimed to be endocrine disruptors and cause  sexual dysfunction in mammals.

Many debate on homosexuality being nature or nurture when both may be exact. Historical evidence can be seen in the antiquities and art of certain cultures and often theorized to have been passed down from the rapes of African women and men during slavery. So every time we see a new gay rights law on the table in the US or Africa. We ask ourselves is the food organic, home grown, local or coming from a multi national corporation whose main agenda is profit or something even more dire. This type of info is overwhelming to some. But if you live in this giant Truman show or have kids this is something you may want to be aware and advised about.

We’re supposed to be in the air sign age of Aquarius and information. With air being thinking energy. It sees something is at work. People becoming more health conscious, the green movement, natural hair now mainstream and this is just the beginning of the age. We wonder what will be going on during the age of the highly conscious air sign Gemini. We can’t imagine.

Erykah Badu said call Tyrone, Wu-tang said protect your neck. It seems now we have to protect your hormones…

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