Tyrese Gibson Gives The Raw And Real Deal About Marriage (Video)

Marriage is one of the most controversial topics next to politics and religion. The institution of marriage has come under fire before whether it be a marriage of “convenience” or the marriage of a lifetime one thing is a fact that not all marriages are based on love.


Photo Credit: It’s Not You, It’s Men

Tyrese Gibson and Rev. Run have teamed up and collaborated to bring to the airwaves a talk show titled “It’s Not You, It’s Men” set to air on the OWN network on January 23, 2016 (See listings for channel).  The talk show looks like it’s going to be phenomenal with a different twist on the typical talk show.  Men are going to speak on topics that relate to them as well as women and from a male perspective whether married or single.

In the following clip Tyrese speaks about a how he viewed marriage and what he experienced in his own personal union.

Take a look and share your thoughts:

Tyrese’s passion and conviction about his experience with marriage most certainly comes through in this clip.  If every man viewed and discussed marriage, relationships and life in general, in the same way as Tyrese did in the above clip, relationships could have a fighting chance.  It’s the hard truth but it does take two to make things work and unfortunately too many people get together for all the wrong reasons and are not willing to be brutally honest with themselves or their mates.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff are excited that there is a talk show that will share the views about what men go through with relationships, work and just day-to-day life.  We expect that this talk show will bring the issues men deal with to the forefront and also help change some lives. 

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