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Two Men Shot Each Other’s Mother’s In Rival Dispute Have Been Arrested

Police: Mother and step-mother shot by rival sons


WCBD) On Thursday Police in North Charleston announced they were making an arrests in the New Year’s Day shootings that took the life of 49-year old Debra Randall and 52 year old Janet Royal as well as a third shooting victim Sabrina Green who survived her injures.

North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers said it was a tireless investigation to identify these suspects and have the evidence to make the charges stick. Driggers also shed some light on the relationship between the victims and the suspects.

Police announced they will serve warrants on 25-year old Jimmy Harris and 22-year old Montreal Ford. Officials say it all started as an argument at Club Curious between Ford and Harris and it escalated to the front doors of three North Charleston women.

The first victim Sabrina Green survived her injuries after being shot a 4:55am January 1st. Green is the Mother of Montreal Ford. “We have probable cause to arrest Jimmie Harris for the shooting at 2315 Aintree Avenue where he shot Sabrina Green.” said Driggers at a news conference on Thursday.

Then later that same morning police say Janet Royal was fatally shot at 3991 Niagara Street, she was the step-mother of Jimmie Harris. “On or about 5:40 Montreal Ford then retaliated and then shot Janet Royal.” said Driggers.

It was in the evening investigators say Debra Randell was killed after being gunned down. Police say Randell was no relation to either suspect.

“Then 6:40 [pm], Jimmy Harris is believed, at or about 6:40, Jimmy Harris is believed to have went to 4419 Ventura Avenue and shot and killed Debra Randell.” Chief Driggers said.

Police say they have had an eye on the suspects from very early on but they remained patient knowing they needed solid evidence and they finally got it. Investigators say information on this case is still valuable–Chief Driggers made a plea to the public.

“Make ourselves a better place to live by coming forward with information to keep them behind bars and having them pay the appropriate price for such a heinous crime. We cannot forget that these women that suffered that day were mothers and we should not forget.”

Jimmie Harris will be arrested on one count of Attempted Murder, Murder and Weapons Possession. He is currently in federal custody in Georgetown County.

Montreal Ford, who police say is also involved in a recent shooting at Club Camouflage, is being held the Al Cannon Detention Center. He will be charged with one count of Murder and Weapons Possession. Ford will appear at a bond hearing at 10am Friday. 

Source:  Counton2.com


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