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Trump Will Receive No Support From The 2 Georges…Bush That Is!!

One day after Donald Trump became the de facto 2016 Republican Party nominee, the leaders and politicians within the party should have traditionally come out of the woodwork today in order to endorse him and bring the party together, in order to give him the best chance of winning in November. Instead we’re seeing little more than a trickle of support. In fact the only two living republican former Presidents are both distancing themselves from Trump today.

George Bush

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President George Bush and his son President George W. Bush each issued separate statements today confirming that they will not be supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 election. This is a remarkably rare turn of events, as it’s historically been nearly automatic for former Presidents to endorse the current Presidential nominee from their own party. But Trump is finding it difficult to garner support from Republican Party leaders for his campaign.

Trump has picked up a few significant republican allies today. Senator John McCain is now supporting him. That’s most likely a result of McCain running for reelection in a tight race in Arizona, a state where Trump is highly popular. Governor Nikki Haley is doing the same, with South Carolina being another strong Trump base. But republican office holders in more moderate states and districts will be tempted to either ignore Trump or come out against him, in the hope of improving their odds of reelection. And today, that distancing is starting at the top.

And as it now stands, Donald Trump will be running as the 2016 republican nominee for President without the support of a single living republican President. In contrast, his opponent, democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, will have the support of at least two and likely all three living democratic Presidents. Interestingly George W. Bush’s wife, First Lady Laura Bush, has made subtle hints that she may be leaning toward Hillary. This possibility may have just gotten easier now that her husband is rejecting the notion of siding with Trump.

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