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Trump Supporters Take To Twitter Campaigning To #RepelThe19th Amendment That Gave Women The Right To Vote

Donald Trump supporters are tweeting about repealing the 19th amendment – which gave women the right to vote in 1920 – after a map showed that the Republican nominee would win the election if only men voted.

As the 70-year-old real estate mogul’s presidential campaign flounders over his treatment of women, new maps showed how the gender gap would affect the results of the election.
On Tuesday, FiveThirtyEight published graphics that showed who would win the presidency if only men or only women voted on November 8.


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While Trump is clearly losing with women, one map showed how he would win the presidency by a landslide if women’s suffrage was suddenly reversed. Data from the latest polls showed Trump would win the election with 350 electoral points to Hillary Clinton’s 188 if only men turned out to vote.
Conversely, if only women voted, Clinton would win by one of the biggest landslides in history – 458 points to Trump’s 80 – since she is beating him by an average of 15 percentage points with women.

Trump’s son Eric later sent out the red map in an email titled ‘Momentum’ to supporters asking for donations but failed to mention that it only showed the elections results if only men voted.

‘We’re making huge gains against Crooked Hillary that you can see for yourself,’ the email said, according to CNN Money.

The results have Trump supporters an idea on how best to get their candidate elected.
They took to Twitter with a new hashtag that began trending: #repealthe19th.
A female supporter shared the map on the social media platform, writing: ‘I would be willing to give up my right to vote to make this happen #repealthe19th.’
But Trump supporters were later overwhelmed by Twitter users outraged at an ideas that sought to take America back almost a hundred years.
‘In response to a study showing Trump would win if only men voted, some of his backers are tweeting #RepealThe19th. DEPLORABLE. #WomenSaveUs,’ tweeted actor George Takei.
‘My grandmother, Irene Murray, fought for the vote. I owe it to her to keep misogynists like Trump out of the White House,’ added Lois Murray.

It comes as The New York Times and The Palm Peach Post reported stories about three women who allege Trump sexually assaulted or touched them inappropriately.
‘Something particularly chilling about #RepealThe19th trending as women come forward to say they were sexually abused by a powerful man,’ said Angus Johnston on Twitter.
A People magazine reporter has also written a detailed first-person account of being attacked by Trump while interviewing him and his wife Melania.

The stories come less than a week after the release of a now-infamous 2005 recording in which Trump boasted of using his fame to kiss and grab women ‘by the p****.’

The revelation prompted a flood of Republicans to revoke their support for Trump, with some even calling for him to drop out of the race – though a handful of GOP officials have since switched back to supporting their party’s nominee.
Clinton adviser Jennifer Palmieri said the latest revelations match ‘everything we know about the way Donald Trump has treated women.’
But Trump’s campaign denied the reports and threatened to sue The New York Times if the paper did not retract its story.
Taken together, the revelations about Trump and his campaign openly signalling that it will spend the election’s final month attacking Clinton with her husband Bill’s marital affairs and unproven charges of sexual assault, which have plunged an already nasty campaign to new lows.

Source: Daily Mail

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