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Trump Slams The Political Press Calling Them Dishonest And They Are Not Having It!!

Donald Trump is not without enemies in this presidential race and he has had numerous news outlets covering him whether the reports were good, bad or neutral.  Looks like his belittling comments have gone too far yet again.  The media are often criticized for how they report things, yes some outlets report in unsavory ways but that’s the First Amendment at work however, most media outlets are pretty neutral when they do their job.  Everything is not about ratings and clicks.

Donald Trump called some of the political press dishonest and eve called one journalist a sleaze because of a question he asked.  Now generally speaking, whenever a celebrity or public figure does something that is news worthy like raising a large amount of funds for a charity, or even the worst of the worst get caught up in a scandal, they can expect the press to ask about it. Only a person that has something to hide will be continuously offended by the press coverage they will receive.  So if $6M was raised for the veterans and after careful investigating only $3.1M was received…where is the rest of the money?  Somebody had better be prepared to answer the question.  In addition, Trump stated he gave $1M of his own money and that has yet to be proven but after the media investigated the donation from Trump magically appeared.

Trump has made it abundantly clear that he does not care about anyone or anything but what will keep his face on the TV or in the paper as it relates to this race to the White House. He is consistently putting his foot in his mouth.  Eventually he will realize shoe leather does not digest well.  The media has grown tired of his mess and they will most definitely show Trump better than they can tell him that his way of doing things is not cool.  So this one will be interesting to see how the outcome will be.

To read more about Trump and the press check out the story from the Washington Post

Trump you are “trumped out”!!

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