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“Truck Driver Kills Police officer on side of the Road, Why? He was Looking at Naked Women on FB while Driving 65 MPH”

The trucker who crashed his semi into parked emergency vehicles on an Arizona highway was looking at photos of scantily clad women on Facebook at the time of the crash, according to investigators who examined dashcam video of the incident.

Arizona Department of Public Safety officer Tim Huffman was killed on May 6 when Juan Espinoza drove his empty fuel tanker down Interstate 8 highway at 65 miles an hour and plowed into three police cars and two fire trucks that were responding to a roadside accident.

Video of the incident shows Espinoza at the wheel of the 18-wheeler at 5 p.m., but his wallet was blocking the view of the dash camera that was pointed at him. According to documents from the investigation, police say the 33-year-old trucker intentionally placed his wallet there to block the camera while he was “looking at or manipulating his phone.”

Check out the video here

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