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Toddler Left On Curb In Englewood After Being Abandoned On Sidewalk

There was a happier ending Friday night than some feared after a young child was found abandoned and alone on a sidewalk in Englewood.

Witness Jerome Glenn saw a man drop 2-year-old Trenton Pepper Jr. on a grassy area in front of a vacant lot before speeding away in a gray or silver Chevy Tahoe. Police had no idea who or where his parents were, so they brought him to St. Bernard Hospital.

“I saw him put the baby on the ground. I didn’t think nothing of it at first. Then he threw the gym shoes at the baby. And I thought maybe he was playing. But he pulled off, and he abandoned, he left the baby,” Glenn said.

Chicago police released a photo of the boy shortly after finding him in the 6500-block of South Stewart Friday morning. Within a couple of hours, a relative saw it on Facebook and called the boy’s mother, who came to the hospital with other family members.

Neither police nor family are offering an explanation about who left the boy in the yard or why. Neighbors who witnessed it say they are just relieved that the boy is unhurt and his parents have been located.

“There was no sign of harm to the child at all. He was very playful when they brought him to the emergency room,” said Dr. Christopher Colbert, St. Bernard Hospital.

The Department of Child and Family Services is also involved and it is unclear if the child will be returned to his mother or kept overnight.


Source:  abc7chicago.com




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