Ear Hustle

Theif Knocks Out Pregnant Woman At Boost Mobile Store



A man walks into a Boost Mobile store with one thing on his mind and that was robbing the store and leaving undetected; or at least that’s what he thought. The suspect looked very suspicious as he entered the store prancing back and forth scoping out the store before he made his move and emptied the cash drawer.

Store camera caught the robbery in progress as the thief carefully made his move and unexpectedly without provocation sucker punched the young pregnant employee knocking her to the floor.

The Employee was  either dazed from the punch and seeing stars  or she really thought someone named Crystal was at the store with her.  As she got up off the floor stunned, she started calling for help to someone named Crystal.  You can clearly see by the video that either Crystal was in the back of the store or the punch had her so dazed she actually thought there was someone in the store with her.


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