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The Town Of Matteson IL Gets Hit With Another Major Business Closure. The Final Nail In The Lincoln Mall Coffin

We don’t know what exactly is going on in the Village of Matteson but whatever it is something has to be done before there won’t be any economic business growth for the town.

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A Carson Pirie Scott location in Matteson abruptly shut it doors but very quietly.  While not too long ago Lincoln Mall closed down leaving the south suburban town without a local mall for its residents to go to. If anyone in the vicinity of Matteson wished to shop the closest mall is in the affluent city of Orland Park.  While we’re sure they’d appreciate the business but what does the city of Matteson have for their residents now?  Nothing!!

Carson’s closure was the final nail in the Lincoln Mall coffin.  All that’s left is a dilapidated structure and thousands of faded memories.

The problem seems to be circulating around high property and business taxes.  Well if that’s the problem the officials in Matteson need to get a grip on their town’s reality.  Businesses are packing up and leaving and no one is getting hurt in the process but the residents and employees of the businesses.  Seems like what is supposed to be good for the city isn’t working out.

Even the surrounding communities like Richton Park, Park Forest, Country Club Hills and Flossmoor are affected by the business closures in Matteson.  How long before this scenario makes its way to those communities?

Maybe it’s time for the residents of Matteson to make some changes of their own to their government.  What else do they have to lose?

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