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The Scribe: The Day Of Pentecost and The Book Of Acts; Black History Month


The Day Of Pentecost; When The Church Was Black!


     If you are black and you have been in church all of your life, you have heard of the day of Pentecost, if you haven’t, it was the day that the Holy Ghost fell on the Apostles. Now this piece right here is going to get a little religious because I am using the Bible as a source document or history book. This is a piece that will be full of ancient black artifacts (images) that you will want to keep so that you can show your family and friends.

Acts 2:5

Lets pick this piece up beginning in the book of Acts; Acts 2:5,9,10 & 11 verse 5 and there was dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men out of every nation under heaven. So this would mean that everybody that showed up to keep the feast of Pentecost were Jews but the question that you must ask yourself is this? What color were these people that showed up on the day of Pentecost? Well lets see what the archaeological record has to say about this subject. I will look at each individual nation that is represented to show you that everybody…..everybody that showed up on the day of Pentecost was……black! I will show you an image of each nation that showed up on the day of Pentecost in the order listed below……lets go!
                                      ACTS THE SECOND CHAPTER AND VERSE 9
             Verse 9; Parthians , Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians, Judea, Cappadocea, Pontus and Asia.
     When you hear the word Parthia you immediately draw a white image in your mind from the History channel and the Discovery channel. The images that have emerged from the earth tell a different tale, the images depict the Parthians or ancient Persians/Iranians as black men with nappy hair. Remember the Bible said that these Parthians were Jews…..black Jews!
     This is an image of a black Mede male bringing tribute to Assyrian King Sargon 2nd and so far the first two nations represented on the day of Pentecost are black! This means that there were black Jews in the Medo Persian empire.


     This Elamite soldier was a descendant of Shem; Genesis 10: 22 the children of Shem……..Elam the Elamite, also the Abraham of your Bible was also a descendant of this Shem. The third member of this delegation to Jerusalem was also black.
        You have been told all your life that all blacks originated from a place called Africa and that is simply not true, Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization located by the Tigris and Euphrates river. The people of Mesopotamia called themselves the black headed people see the image below of images from Mesopotamia.
                                                           BLACK MESOPOTAMIAN MAN
     As you can see the Mesopotamians were depicted as being black people and this brother to your left has waves in his hair! Also Akkad is the Accad of Genesis 10:10 one and the same, the translators goofed up the spelling. Accad was located by the Tigris and Euphrates river in ancient times, the people were black but they weren’t from what you call Africa….I have more to say on this subject but it will have to wait until another time.
     These were the black Jews that came down with King Jehu of Israel to bring tribute to King Shalmaneser and as you can see these Judeans were black men with wooly hair! Shalmaneser Obelisk can be found in the British Museum….the images are authentic church! That would mean that the Apostles were black Judeans there is a book that you need to buy that has black images of Joseph, Naphtali, Lachish Jews and black Levites with cornrolls…that book is the Negro Question part 2 The African slave ships that came from Judah…the author is Lee Cummings.

Cappadocea, Pontus & Colchis Merged By Rome 146 B.C

     The interesting thing about this black Cappadocian is that he traveled from the Black Sea to make the feast of Pentecost, the Bible said that all of the people who showed up were devout….traveling from the black sea was as devout as one could get. So far everybody is black.
     This is what Asia looked like before the Scynthians who were called Bactri, Jehuzi or white Turks invaded the nations. So far everyone assembled on the day of pentecost looks like the guys off the block….black men but lets continue.
                                                  ROMANS,CRETES AND ARABIANS
     This image of King Midas is probably the one that I am the most proud of because I had heard songs dedicated to him and I think I heard rappers mention him…..not sure but the phrase the Midas touch was connected to this black Phrygian King! This is what a Phrygian that showed up on the day of Pentecost looked like, he was black, plain and simple. There is an interesting sidebar to this piece and that is that the black Jews that showed up on the day of Pentecost came down from the Roman Byzantine Empire….maybe I will share that with you in the future.
                                                 COIN FOUND IN ASPENDOS PAMPHYLLA
     The historians record that the people of Pamphylla were Greeks but this coin that comes to us from antiquity supports the archaeological record that the ancient Greeks were black! This is a fact that can be proven but that’s not the objective of this black history piece. The objective here is plain and simple, I want everybody that reads this piece to understand that the only people present on the day of Pentecost were black people!
     I shouldn’t have to provide you with the archaeological proof that the ancient Egyptians were a black people considering that the name Egypt means black! The white Turks that are in Egypt today are trying desperately to claim the heritage and history of this former black empire, even to the point of breaking the noses off of the black statues and painting over the black artifacts.
     People aren’t aware of this but this is what the Gospel is supposed to produce…..light! This is the truth that has been hidden from the world. We send preachers to seminary and what do they come back with? They have been purposely steered away from the truth to a lie and therefore when they come back from these schools of seminary,they are as blind as the people sitting in the pews! In 30 A.D there were only three continents listed on the worlds maps; Libya, Europe and Asia. There was no such thing as the continent called Africa, that name was applied after Scipio Africanus , a Roman general defeated black Hannibal at the battle of Carthage, then the name spread over the entire continent. See Greek historian Hecataeus world map below.
     Now I want you to put on your grown man hat or your grown woman weave and think for a moment….if the Bible is correct and JEWS came up from Libya and Libya was the name of Africa then not only were Jews born in Africa but they were black!
Cyrene is upper Libya close to the mediterranean sea and this an authentic image of a black Cyrenian King. I feel so privileged that God trusts me with these precious artifacts!
     These are the images that the educational system in the United States have been hiding from the masses, black and white. You have to remember in order for the scam to take full effect they have to keep your eyes and minds focused on this so-called enlightened generation. You have been taught to look at the world as it is now but never as it was in the past,  because if you do…….the truth will set in. I showed you one black Roman emperor, I am not saying that the Roman empire was a black empire but I am saying that it was a multiracial society. America  has desired to model itself off of ancient Roman rule and you can see that with its Senate and Republicans.
     When you are doing your research the one thing you have to be conscious of is the name game, the Cretes also were called the Minoans, these people were one and the same and they were black as the image suggests. I have finally made it to the last nation represented on the day of Pentecost and that is the Arabian. I know that when you go to the corner liquor store in your neighborhood you see white people who are calling themselves Arabs but what you will see today should alter your thinking.
                                                                         THE REAL ARABS!
     This means that the Arab Jews that showed up on the day of Pentecost were originally black people and this also means that the white Arabin your neighborhoods are imposters. They are in fact leftovers of the Ottoman Turk Empire, these are the facts ladies and gentlemen. This is the real black history that the establishment has deliberately withheld from blacks, whites and the rest of the world! .
                                                                          THE SCRIBE
     This is the truth ladies and gentlemen, every person that showed up on the day of Pentecost from around the world were indeed black people.…..all of them. A lot of us have not been taught that the people of the world have been migrating for 6000 years, that is why the Lord called them the mingled people. The people of the earth have mingled themselves with other people; Africans, Mexicans, Eskimos, Whites, Russians, Germans, Nigerians and so many , many more. The world has become a great melting pot, amnesia has set in and the past has been forgotten but there has been one keeper of history who has never slept nor slumbered and he has been keeping an accurate account of the nations as they have come and gone and his name is time. Time has been as it were a collector of odd things but as odd as the thing that time collects, his storage place for his goods is even odder. Sometimes father time will store his treasures in the Earth, outer space,sometimes in the waters and sometimes on money.Father Time is not interested in wealth or color, for in one breath he saves the history of the oppressor and then for some inexplicable reason he saves the history of the oppressed. Time has remembered the people who came to Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost as being black people and like a good attorney he has presented his discovery (evidence) for the world to see. The evidence is indisputable ladies and gentleman and now like a jury you have an obligation to render a just judgement based on the evidence that Time presented. You must use a just weight and a just balance, your decision cannot be based on what you were taught or what you heard, it must be based purely on the archaeology presented.It is good that we have come together today, all of us, rich and poor, black and white, great and small. It is good that a man, woman and child should consider the thing that came before him because who can tell him what shall be after him? I really enjoyed doing this piece and I hoped you enjoyed it and got something from it…..THE SCRIBE. 

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