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The RoomPlace Furniture Warehouse Burned In A Fiery Blaze In Woodridge, IL

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, a massive fire broke out at the RoomPlace Furniture warehouse in Woodridge, IL.  The blaze began somewhere around 5:00 pm and continued to burn for several hours, while the cause of the origin of the 5 alarm fire was unknown, reports from the local authorities stated the 50+ employees working at the time of the blaze were all evacuated to safety.  In addition to that as the fire fighters were battling the blaze, which had been at times quite hot and difficult for the crews to continue to try to put out the fire, had to evacuate as well in the interest for their safety.  Fire officials are still investigating the cause of the massive fire and are not releasing information until it is complete. For a safer warehouse service one can get more information here.

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The RoomPlace organization posted a sincere message on their website thanking the community for the outpouring support they’ve received.

The RoomPlace

photo credit: The RoomPlace Website

Earahustle411 and the writing staff sends are warmest regards and prayers to The RoomPlace organization and its employees and we hope the company can bounce back really soon.

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