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The Michael Craine Show: Who Is Michael Craine And Why Is He So Upset…Check Out The Video

EarHustle411 has occasionally been checking out videos from a guy who posts on Facebook under the title of The Michael Craine Show.  Some of his videos are quite graphic in nature but he is speaking truth.  He talks about what’s going on in and around Chicago, the positive and negative. Michael Craine also makes has some good points, depending on what the topic is.  In the following video he speaking out about the constant violence and ignorance going on in the City of Chicago.  EarHustle411 recently posted a story about a shooting (again) that took the lives 2 people.


The Michael Craine Show has been posting for a while now and it seems each time we have come across an episode,  he is on point with what he is discussing.  Some people may consider what he is doing as ranting but EarHustle411 and the writing staff doesn’t think so.

Check out the latest post from The Michael Craine Show and share your thoughts:

Video contains graphic language


Michael Craine seems to be saying the very thing that most want to say and just can’t or won’t.

EarHustle411 will be keeping our eyes open for more from The Michael Craine Show, who knows what the next thing will be!!

Source: Facebook

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