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The Man Responsible For Recording The Alton Sterling Shooting Is Fired From His Job

When will the hand of the oppressors begin to lift from the necks of the black people who are “supposed” to be Americans?  EarHustle411 and the writing staff can’t help but feel some kind of way about this next situation.  The man who is responsible for capturing the police shooting of Alton Sterling was subsequently arrested not more than 24 hours of him posting the video for supposedly “fitting a description”.  Leday who was employed at Dobbins Air Force Base was fired from his job in what we perceive as a direct result of his posting the footage of the Sterling shooting. 

Police are getting away with the killings of black people and are using their badges as a means to intimidate and keep the citizens who expose their shenanigans under their oppressive thumbs.   The government is doing everything they can to trample on the freedom if the American people.  The truth is being exposed about those who are in positions to serve and protect but it seems they are only “self-serving” and “protecting” themselves.  Well Sam Cooke said it best “A Change Is Gonna Come” and when it does…WATCH OUT!!  You be the judge and share your thoughts on whether this man is being targeted because what he did to expose the police. 

Read more as reported by Black Matters US:

Chris Leday

Photo Credit: Facebook

The government has waged a war on our freedom – there is just no other way to put it. In light of recent events, it would seem the country is in direct opposition to letting the truth reign freely. How else would one explain the continued punishment of Christopher LeDay, who uploaded the video depicting the shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on the 15th of July, 2016?

Mr. Christopher was arrested by ten cops in full combat suits within 24 hours since he had released the video and has been prevented from going back to work ever since, all for performing his civic duty and exposing an injustice act to the public. The initial arrest was just an act of intimidation by the police, an act they use too often to get their way, as there was no reasonable cause for his arrest.


Photo Credit: Facebook

There have been many other cases where the police actively tried to thwart the truth in an attempt to cover up their crimes, the most recent being the incident in Arizona where officers turned on their body cameras only after they had shot and killed Donald S. Myers. The lies told by the police are slowly becoming more and more outlandish and their actions are getting worrisome; for example, some footages shot by their body cams may be missing like it happened in the famous Kinsey’s case.

The only crime of Christopher LeDay was an attempt to tell the truth and he shouldn’t be punished for that.

Source: Black Matters US

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