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The Lives That The Media Forgot: Why Black Women And Girls’ Lives DO Matter!! #SayHerName

In the wake of the constant combative interactions and often end to the life of a black male at the hands of the police, we must remember the life of the black woman matters too.  Mainstream media has been downplaying the ugly interactions and often brutal results against black women unless it makes national news.  In reality, several cases exist of police brutality against black women however it seems the focus is mostly on the black men.   So why don’t the black girls matter?   The facts are very simple, black women have been used, abused and written off since the days of slavery and even in 2016 the same is happening in several states across America.

Black Women Lives Matter

Photo Credit: AAPF

We came across a YouTube video created by African American Policy Forum entitles #SayHerName and as disturbing as it is unfortunately it’s necessary for the world to see what is happening to the black women and girls across America.  Those who are sworn to serve and protect have gotten away from protecting and many are serving themselves with massive abuse of their “power”. 

Take a look the video and share your thought about the women and girl who may have been forgotten about. 

Warning: Graphic Images

Source: AAPF

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