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The Last Days Of Trash Talking, Flip Mouthed, Burger Slinging; The Iconic Ed Debevic’s Closed Its Doors On Oct 4th

Chicago has some really cool eateries and some have been around for a very long time and as the time change so must the business.  Well another long time iconic restaurant has closed its doors.  The residents of Chicago’s River North community are going to have to live without the smart-alleck, sassy-talking, bad-mouthing, burger slinging staff at the iconic Ed Debevic’s.

Ed Debevic's

The restaurant closed on Sunday, October 4, 2015, the restaurant will be demolished to make way for a high-rise building at the location.  Ed Debevic’s is one of the few establishments to continue on even with their sarcasm and rude-like atmosphere (guess that’s the fun part about the place).  There will be no more dancing on the tables, no more classic root-beet floats at least for a year.  The restaurant is stating they will re-emerge in another location and hopefully they will be bigger and better.

So until then, ciao bella, arrivederci, see ya later…go on get outta here!!

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