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“The Jason Smith Story- Boy Found With Missing Organs, Ruled Accidental Drowning, However No Lungs in Body”


A 14-year-old Louisiana youth’s death was ruled “accidental drowning,” but his father is convinced he was murdered in a racially motivated hate crime. His organs disappeared. Some people think they were taken for transplants. However, the child had been dead for hours before his body was recovered from a lake. Could all of Jason Smith’s organs have been stolen to hide the theft of his lungs, which could possibly have disproved the medical examiner’s finding of “accidental drowning”? Jason’s father alleges that his son was sexually assaulted, also, and that one of Jason’s murderers was the son of an FBI agent.  Mr. Smith claims that police tried to kill him and another son on his way out of the Louisiana town when he went to make final arrangements for his son. Jason’s father buried his son on Father’s Day. Find other videos, radio interviews, and articles about Jason Smith by browsing online for this phrase: “Jason Smith Louisiana Organs Missing.”


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Source: Blacktalkradionetwork.com

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