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“The Hamburger Report” Study Shows That There’s More To The “Make-Up” Of A Hamburger

Who doesn’t love a good burger…scratch that a GREAT burger and upon hearing a report exist that your favorite burger may have more than just beef embedded in its packaging how would you respond? The foods that we purchase from grocery stores has to come from somewhere.  There are very few places to go (if they still exist) where there’s a butcher to cut and grind your hamburger right in front of you.  Clear Labs, the originator of the study and a report titled “The Hamburger Report” released some findings that are disturbing considering that consumers who buy hamburger meat as well as some vegetarian meat substitutes may be getting more than what they bargained for.  Take a look at a portion of the study as reported by Fox 6 News:

Raw Ground Beef

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“This report provides new insights into the burger product industry to give suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers a representative overview of the supply chain at large and provides insights based on an objective molecular analysis into how we can strengthen the good and improve the bad,” the company wrote on its website.

Here are more of the findings:

    • 6% of meat burgers were identified as problematic with substitution, hygienic issues and pathogenic contamination
    • One sample tested positive for human DNA
    • Three samples tested positive for rat DNA
    • 46% of samples contained more calories than reported on labels or in menus
    • 49% of samples contained more carbohydrates than reported
    • 6% of vegetarian burgers were identified as problematic with substitution, hygienic issues, and pathogenic contamination
    • In one black bean burger, there were no black beans
    • In two cases, meat was found in vegetarian products

The lab results come from 258 samples of ground meat, frozen patties, fast-food burger products and veggie burger products from 79 brands and 22 retailers.

EarHustle411 is not aware of which brands or retailers the meats and vegetarian substitutes were obtained from however upon reading this report, it is quite disturbing to know that what consumers are spending their dollars on could be riddled with potentially harmful substances.  Click the link for full details of The Hamburger Report.

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