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The “Halloween” Black Bun Whopper Goes On Sale TODAY!!

Burger King’s release of the Halloween Whopper has taken being different too far!! Who in their right mind will eat a hamburger with a black bun.  EarHustle411 knows several Halloween enthusiasts, who even says that this is just too much.  Whatever happened to the days of coming up with a new toy for the BK Kids Meal, a special shake or something like that.  Evidently Burger King wants to corner the market on coming with the BANG, BOOM POW food item.

GOOD LUCK with that!!!

black burgr

Read more as reported by Time:

Turns out the rumor about Burger King offering black hamburger buns in U.S. stores is not just a rumor.

Starting September 28, the $4.99 “Halloween Whopper” will come with a black hamburger bun as a special promotion for Halloween.

The buns are baked with A.1., according to a news release. “Layered between the buns is savory flame-grilled beef topped with melted American cheese, ripe tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, A.1.® Thick and Hearty Sauce, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions.”

The news comes a year after Burger King Japan tested burgers with black hamburger buns, black cheese, black ketchup, all made from squid ink and bamboo charcoal.

Source: Time

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