The Fix Is In: Tulsa Police Confirms PCP Found In Terrence Crutcher’s Vehicle After Officer Said She Thinks He’s High On PCP

The Fix Is In: Tulsa Police Confirms PCP Found In Terrence Crutcher's Vehicle After She Said She Thinks He's High On PCP

On Tuesday, Tulsa police confirmed a vial of PCP was found in the vehicle Terence Crutcher was driving.

Officer Betty Shelby was the first to respond to the scene Friday night near 36th Street North and Lewis, where she found Crutcherand the car he was driving in the middle of the road.

Crutcher’s family told FOX23 he had car troubles while on his way home.

As backup arrived on scene, officers said Crutcher was not following commands. Dashcam video shows him with his hands up, walking away from Shelby. 

Shelby’s dashcam was not activated during the incident. TPD said they are investigating to figure out why she did not turn on the camera. 

FOX23 learned it is TPD policy to activate the dash camera when officers are interacting with a person.

Shelby’s attorney told an Associated Press reporter that Crutcher was reaching into the window of his SUV, which prompted the shooting.

Crutcher was hit by a bullet and by a Taser during the altercation. Investigators have not released which was deployed or fired first. 

Crutcher died from the shooting.  Shelby is on paid administrative leave while the department investigates her use of force. 

Tulsa police confirmed a vial of PCP was found in the vehicle Crutcher was driving.

Monday, Crutcher’s family, the city, TPD and activist group We the People Oklahoma held press conferences. 

During the family’s press conference, they said they wanted charges filed in the case and called for peaceful protest. 

Tulsa police and the city, along with district attorneys and a representative from the Department of Justice, detailed what they knew so far of the incident, investigation and the timeline for release of the dash cam video. 

Helicopter video included controversial commentary from an officer saying Crutcher looked like a “bad dude”- a point Crutcher’s family pressed during their conference. 

FOX23 learned that two officers were in that helicopter, including Shelby’s husband. TPD confirmed he was there as an observer and was not the person who made the comment. 

We the People Oklahoma reiterated calls for change to TPD protocol during their own press conference. 

Demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse Monday morning and again near the scene of Crutcher’s shooting Monday evening. 

The family planned to host another press conference Tuesday afternoon, while We the People announced a rally for Shelby’s arrest on Tuesday evening. 

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted about the shooting on Tuesday afternoon:




Source: Fox23

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