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The Betrayal Of Aniyah Simpson, By The Hands Of Her Own Father

The Betrayal Of Aniyah Simpson, By Her Own Father’s Hands


This story was brought to EarHustle 411 by the aunt of this beautiful angel known as Aniyah Simpson who was brutally attacked and beaten by her own father.  We were touched by the grief the family was experiencing.  We thought we would share this story in a different format.  We chose to give you the story raw from Aniyah’s aunt..

On May 15, 2014 we received a phone call that a 40” TV fell on my 5 year old great niece Aniyah Simpson. As expected we rushed from Chicago to Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, MN where she was already released from surgery where they removed her skull cap to release the pressure on her swelling brain. We were all heartbroken. In trying to understand her list of injuries we were told by the police the order of event as was told by her father who she was visiting for 3 weeks. Niyah was in her room playing, he heard a thump, he went into the room where the 40” TV fell on her. She was unconscious. He called his girlfriend, she picked up her son & came home. She put Niyah in the shower to try to wake her up. During this time neither person called 911. They decided to drive Niyah to the hospital.


The Betrayal Of Aniyah Simpson, By Her Own Father’s Hands

When we arrived at the hospital Niyah was unrecognizable. Her head was almost the size of a basketball. It was difficult to see her in that state. The team of neurosurgeons informed us of what they were told happened & what they believe happened. The hospital has experience with TV injuries and this by no means was a TV injury but her injuries and their behavior was consistent with Child Abuse. Her injuries included bruises & scratches all over her body, including her legs, her liver was damaged and her brain had injuries equivalent to a high speed car accident. Niyah is no longer in a medically induced coma. She is in a coma. Her brain injuries are so extensive that if she does wake up, she will never be the same.

We are asking for your help to support Aniyah and her family start the rehabilitation that will allow her body to heal and one day wake up from this horrific trauma. Your donation on www.gofundme.com will give her what her father tried to take away from her…the opportunity to live.
Follow Aniyah’s story and progress on Facebook link attached.

If you would like to send cards, teddy bears, pictures, balloons etc. Please send to:

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Patient: A’niyah Simpson Room 546
345 E. Superior St.
Chicago , IL 60611 — at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago




Source:  The Rayborn and Spikes Family


EarHustle 411 will keep you posted on Aniyah’s progress.  Keep this beautiful angel in your prayers.




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