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The Best Wedding Proposal We’ve EVER SEEN!!! [Video]

In the wake of such turmoil going on in the world today, Earhustle411 thought it would be great to post some visual happiness.

I’ve seen several unique wedding proposals but this one tops all that I have seen in my short lifetime.  It comes from a gentleman in Portland, Oregon and even though this video is a few months old, I’m giving it the Earhustle411 Approved Thumbs Up Stamp!!! The creativity and precision taken to pull this off was nothing short of amazing.  Check out the video of the proposal from Isaac Lamb to his girlfriend Amy Finkel.

Grab you tissue ladies and don’t forget it’s “wink, wink…dab, dab”…LOL!!



Congratulations Isaac Lamb and Amy Finkel on your upcoming nuptials.  The Earhustle411 Family wishes you a lifetime of love, fun and happiness!!

Source: YouTube


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