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Texas Teen Lives Inside Texas Walmart For Four Days

texas teen lives in walmart

Walmart has everything you could ever need, so why leave?

That seems to be the idea one 14-year-old had when he was caught living in a 24-hour Walmart for four days.

The teen went unnoticed for so long by constantly changing clothes and hiding in two carefully crafted secret forts behind the store’s stockpiles of goods.

texas teen lives in walmart 1

Images obtained by KTVT show the two compounds, one located in the baby aisle behind boxes of stroller, and the other behind packages of paper towels and toilet paper. He sustained himself off stolen food from the store, cutting a hole in the wall behind the drink aisle to stay hydrated.

texas teen lives in walmart

The unidentified teen constructed a make-shift bed, and even stole a fish from the store to keep as a pet.

To elude the store’s employees, the boy even wore a diaper so as not to be seen using the bathroom multiple times a day.

It’s unclear why the boy was camping out in the Walmart, but it appears he ran away from family in the area.

Child Protective Services said the boy lives with relatives, but was staying with other relatives nearby, when he was eventually found after customers noticed piles of trash around the store.

When he was caught, the boy attempted to flee the store but was stopped and has since been turned over to his relatives.

CPS says they are usually called in to investigate cases like this but they haven’t in this instance.

Walmart isn’t expected to file criminal charges.

Source: Daily Mail


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