Texas Mother Sues T-Mobile For The Death Of Her Son, She Couldn’t Get Help Becasue Their Network Sent Phantom Calls To 911 For Hours

Bridget Alex

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Per WGN News, A mother in Texas is suing T-Mobile over the death of her baby.

6-month-old Brandon Alex fell off a bed in March.

His babysitter tried to get through to 911 three times. The last time, she was placed on hold for 40 minutes.

Dallas officials said problems with T-Mobile’s technology were tying up the city’s 911 call center for hours at a time, and that it had been going on for months.

“This has been going on forever,” said Bridget Alex, mother of Brandon Alex. “The first time I heard about it is the night my son died.”

The lawsuit says T-Mobile was negligent for not remedying a glitch that created phantom 911 calls that then hang up.

Operators were so busy calling them back, they weren’t able to help real callers.

Dallas officials say that on the night Brandon Alex died, there were 422 callers on hold at one point.

T-Mobile has not commented on the lawsuit.

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